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Hell yea, GSP v Nick Diaz set for UFC 158 on March 18th!!! Team GSP!!! Also Rory Macdonald v. Carlos Condit, and Johnny Hendricks v. Jake Ellenberger. Sick ass card! :D
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Zoom Defiant Team after training

Defiant Team after training

12.07.12 1
One more week till my fight

This weight cutting thing blows :-/

08.22.12 0
Fighting at 125 lbs

So this is gonna be my first mma fight, or first fight in general, at 125 lbs as opposed to 135 lbs. This is gonna be a challenge for me but im down for it. I think this gonna be a better weight class for me too.
I’ve been walking at a weight of roughly 137 lbs. So i didnt really have to cut too much before, but now this is obviously gonna be a bigger cut, and i think this gonna be beneficial for me cuz ill be stronger. Today I was able to get down to 132. I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks to work on it. But i got this. Fighting on the 30th. I’m gonna take this fuckers head off.

08.16.12 0
Zoom My fight team…Team Defiant!!! The brown skinny dude with the tight shorts in the right corner is me :D

My fight team…Team Defiant!!! The brown skinny dude with the tight shorts in the right corner is me :D

07.15.12 4

What a day! Ugh…woke up feeling like shit from hanging out with my friends last night in downtown LA. I didnt even drink that much. Waking up at 9am doesnt help either. Met up with my fight team and took a “field trip” to another gym…Oyama MMA…to have a sparring session with their fighters, which was very awesome. Fought with two pros. Got my ass kicked, but good experience. I also came to an obvious conclusion that I need alot of work on my Jui Jitsu and wrestling for my next fight thats on August 30th. The traffic to there and back was horrible though. And then working from 4-10:30 was not fun. 

Now back home, and exhausted.

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My first amateur mma fight :D

06.27.12 1

Thursday night I embark on my first amateur MMA fight…Its me against the “The Professor”

06.20.12 1

5 more days till fight night…well 6 if u count today. Its been a long training camp. Its about time I put these tools I have to work.

06.16.12 0

I just got word today that Im gonna fight in my first amateur MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight on June 21st!!! Im so stoked. It seems this may be my departure from fighting Muay Thai fights. We’ll see. But im sure as hell bringin my Muay Thai in the cage :D

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